Thursday, January 27, 2011

Room Re-do


We have sadly outgrown princess and fairies at our house-at least as a decorating theme. We've been working on giving her a more grown-up room. We were first inspired by this:

I thought $405 was just way-too much and that we could make our own. I found the cork tiles ($6) and magnetic white (even thought it's blue) board @ Target ($8). I used fabric, batting and ribbon @ Hobby Lobby to cover some cardboard to make the memory boards. I actually nailed them to the walls to create the tufted look and then hot-glued a button on top. Since my measuring skills are lacking, they didn't quite match up, which ended up a happy accident. So I made some piping(tutorial) and hot glued it around the edges and stuck bows on the corners to hid the piping edges.

I think all together it cost under $25. It was so easy, I'm making one for the boy's room so stay tuned.

I used some leftover fabric from the memory boards to make her a runner. I think the mirrors came from Wal-mart.

This was actually my dresser from when I was a kid. My parents painted it white a few years ago for me (I was pregnant and couldn't handle the fumes). We pulled off the old brass hardware and bought some nickel pulls @ Home Depot. They also had some unfinished wood-ones, so we painted those to match her decor. I wanted them shiny to look like the ceramic ones from PB Kids so I covered them in some epoxy I had left over from my scrabble -tile jewelry making phase. Adorable!?! Instead of paying $60 for the PB ones, I got all 8 for $7.76.

The Bedding is from Target and the bed we found on Craig's List and painted white (no before pics, just trust me it was ugly). The wall stickers and the curtains I think came from Wal-mart.

I love this. I wanted to paint a big one on my bedroom wall, but I am married to a man, so I had to settle for doing on my daughter's wall. It's really easy if you follow this tutorial ( I am not an artist) here



  1. You did an awesome job, Tara. Love it!

  2. I especially love the dandelion mural. So pretty. I wish you were still my neighbor and maybe I'd be motivated to keep up. My kids rooms are never fully done. This room is awesome!!

  3. Very Cute!


  4. Beautiful room! It is both lovely and fresh feeling...I think the colors are soothing like summer breezes! I just LOVE doing up rooms for our kids, so much fun...I SO would have loved a fancy room when I was young!

  5. What a cute room! I love the colors and the dandelions are perfect. I'd LOVE to redo my girls room, but my 7 year old has yet to grow out of the write & draw on EVERYTHING stage!

    Visiting from Tea Rose Home!

  6. Nice job! Please come and share it at my link party:

  7. this is definitely a cute room. something that she can grow into and use for years! we just did this to my teen girl's room. stopped over from thrifty thursday blog hop. following you now. when you get time, come on over and check my bloggy out and maybe follow me back if you see something that interests you :) andie @

  8. Excellent job!! I love how you recreated the cork/magnetic board at a reasonable price :)
    I am a new follower - glad I found you!

  9. Awesome job on the dresser knobs! This room is fabulous! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Her room is adorable! And you did a great job on the dandelions. I had to laugh because I was wondering whether dandelions counted as graphic shapes for the CSI Project challenge. I was debating entering, and then I stopped short when I saw your thumbnail. My initial thought was, "Wait a minute! Did I already link up and forget I did?" LOL.

    Anyway, great job on your painting and your daughter's room.


  11. Love the circles and the dandelions in turquoise! It all works together to be a happy-looking space :)

    And I'm SO with you about wanting to decorate but having the hubby deny--I swear that everything in this house would be pink, turquoise, lime green or chocolate brown if I weren't married--I blame it on being the only female in the house ;P Mind you, it IS a bit embarrassing to be shopping in the "Teen Zone" of a store too, lol!