Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fun Family Night Chart

In theory, we try to hold a family night once a week, where we have a short spiritual lesson, an activity and a treat. I saw this and thought it was the funnest idea. It was my sister's b-day and I thought it would be perfect for her family. First her kid's are finally getting old enough to participate in a family night. Second, her and her husband never really grew up (but in a good way). They are the fun aunt and uncle and my kids mourn the fact that they got stuck w/ me.


This was made w/ my 2 favorite Cricut Cartridges "Everyday Paper Dolls" and "Paper Doll Dress Up". First I cut out all my pieces. (Dad was 5 1/2, Mom 5, Son 4 1/2 and daughter 4). Then I glued them on a piece of scrapbook paper. Then I put a few coats of modge-podge over the top. Then I cut out 6 the little super hero symbol thingies @5 1/2 inches. I wrote on them: lesson, prayer, treat, game, scripture, song. I covered them w/ contact paper. Then I stuck a ball of plasti tak on each superhero chest and attached a super hero symbol thingie. Then I put it in 12x14 frame.

Instead of a family of Super Heroes, you could make a family of baseball players, doctors, rockstars,cowboys, chefs or any of the other 50+ themes that come on the cartridge.

OOPS! I just notice that for some reason I took the pic before attaching the super hero triangle thingies. Just pretend that they are there.

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