Monday, April 28, 2014

Sweet 16 Princess Party

My baby girl turned 16 a few weeks ago.  The girl lived in princess dresses for the first half of her life, and so she thought it would be fun to invite all her friends over and celebrate her birthday princess style.  She asked them to all wear pajamas and we found some cheap tiaras at Hobby Lobby.
For the most part, we limited the decorations to a few balloons and streamers, but we did make a draw-bridge for the front door.  I found the idea here.

 Princes Leia Rolls
I kinda made these up and mixed onion, garlic, spinach, and cream cheese and spread it on tortillas.
 Ariel's Oysters
  My 13 year old son actually pitched in and made these.  We used mini-vanilla wafers, frosting, and yogurt raisins. Idea found here.

 Mulan's Pot Stickers

Princess Testers
This may be a weird party food, but my kid goes through bags of frozen peas every week.

Jassmine's Fatayer
I based these on a recipe I found here.  However, the original dough was WAY to sticky to I added  quite a bit more flour.  I also substituted feta cheese for cheddar and added some drained frozen spinach (they were delicious).

 Rapunzel's Braids
I doubled the dough for the fatayer and made some braids. I sprinkled them w/ Parmesan cheese and garlic salt.

12:01 am Cupcakes
It is just a box of pumpkin (catch my joke) cake mix w/ the easiest and yummiest cream cheese frosting (recipe here)

 The Beast's Rose
Tutorial Here
 The Evil Queen's Apples
Fairy God-mother's Wands
(dipped pretzels)

 Since she is no longer 4, the party didn't have a lot of structure.  Pretty much, I set out the food and then stayed out of the way.  However, we thought it would be super fun to play "Kiss the Frog".  We found the brightest lipstick possible, blindfolded them and had them give it their best shot.

 I don't know if I should be horrified or proud, but my kid planted a perfect smooch, right in the middle.
As per tradition, she blew out the candles on her pink lemonade cake. (recipe) Since it is an ice cream cake, you could even tie it into Frozen, but we are the only family in America that haven't seen it yet.

It was a super fun night and I declare it a success!


  1. Such cute and creative ideas as usual! She sure is a beautiful young woman!
    ...too bad Noah won't go for the princess idea cuz I would totally steal it :)

  2. I love that she did this for her 16th!! Lots of great ideas :)

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