Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Cute, Cheap, Custom Dressed in sizes 0-36W (and they even have pockets!)

How often have you found a great dress, except for:
-it was the wrong length
-you hated the embellishments
-you hated the sleeves
-the neckline showed too much cleavage-or not enough :)
-it didn't come in your size
-too expensive
-it was cheaply made

Then you are going to love eShakti.

They sell fresh vintage inspired dressed from sizes 0-36.  The best part is that you give them your measurements and they make each dress especially for you. You can even customized length, sleeve length and neckline. Life changing.

When it is not freezing outside and my daughter isn't in finals, we will do a little photo shoot of us wearing our new dresses, but here are the dresses we ordered:
Vintage Bicycle
My daughter wanted this cute black dress with old fashioned bicycles embroidered along the bottom.  Until our fashion shoot, you will just have to take my word for it, but it is even cuter on.

Retro Shirt Dress
I bought this navy shirt dress for myself. Despite the fact that I haven't turned down a cookie since Thanksgiving, it was very flattering. I wore it on Sunday to church, and felt a little like Doris Day or Marilyn Monroe.  It had that clean, classic look that made feel pretty and feminine and if I dare say, even a little sexy. 

Both are made of high quality fabric and have details of more expensive clothing like top stitching and hidden zippers. The grand total for both dresses, including shipping was only $82.95 and they arrived in about 2 weeks time.  I couldn't have done better if I would have sewn them myself.

I don't know if it's standard, but I also received coupons for $35 to use on my next purchase.

Red Shawl-Collar Dress
Red-Hot Color Block Dress

I need a dress for an upcoming job interview for my husband: one that says "Please hire my husband", and am trying to decide between the above ( I like the bottom, but my daughter likes the top-feel free to vote in the comments). I am going to add cap sleeves, but I could order it w/ any of these sleeves options:

I actually like the original necklines, but I also have the option of changing it to any these:

You tell them how tall you are and then how long you'd like the hem to be:

They are always running great promotions and so it isn't hard to get a fabulous dress for well under $50.  If you are a first time customer and shop in the clearance, you can even find quite a few things under $20!

Buy 2 get 1 free (or get 25% of one)


And  $25 $30 Gift coupon w/ your first purchase:
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So check them out and tell them I sent you (I'll get a commission and then I can buy more dresses).

UPDATE:  My husband liked the color-block one better, so I just ordered it.I had $35 thank-you credits from my first purchase, and I got %25 off for the current promotion, I could add sleeves for free b/c it was the first time, so my grand total including shipping was $19.92!!!I think that is less than my husband's tie!


  1. I have had a lot of success with Eshakti. Two of the dresses I have purchased are my FAVORITE dresses ever. I did have to send back a couple, but the return was easy. I haven't ordered anything for awhile....thanks for the coupons.

    PS. I vote for the bottom dress with the color blocking. It looks very chic to me!

    1. Why didn't you tell me about them??? Trying to find my daughter a dress that was modest w/out looking frumpy for her Varsity banquet last year took like 5 years off my life.

  2. What a great idea! I will look into this. I have zero spring/summer dresses to wear when we go on our mission. Thanks for posting to FB so I could see your blog.

    1. I am so excited for you guys! Those young military families are so going to be blessed by you two:)

  3. Good choice on the dress. I liked the red color on the first one but preferred the black band overall. I am so going to check out this site. Thanks for sharing! So, How did the interview go or are you not saying?

  4. The interview hasn't happened yet, but I will keep you posted.

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