Tuesday, January 22, 2013

$1- Valentine's Wreath

I never liked my "Bella Swan Lives here Wreath", but it took me 2 years to get around to making another one. 

I just ripped off the paper pinwheels (they were looking a little weather worn) from my Mother's Day Wreath and just started making and hot gluing on a bunch of random scrappy bows and buttons. 

I painted the roof red and used this technique to age the wood

The only thing I bought new was the wooden birdhouse, so the entire project cost $1.  I toyed w/ the idea of adding red burlap birds, but they just didn't look right.

Somehow my front porch has ended up w/ a birds and the bees Valentine theme:) 


  1. Love a good wreath project and love this one especially! Nice job!

  2. Very cute - love the little birdhouse!

  3. Oh! I Love it ! I know I have a foam wreath base here somewhere, guess its not too soon to get started on a valentines wreath ! Thanks for sharing

    Siubhan x

  4. Pretty wreath, love it! New follower - come visit too!


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  6. I think the heart birdhouse adds a very nice touch!

  7. Really, one dollar! Such a sweet project!
    I'd love for you to stop by and link this up at my link party, which is live right now. It is for new and OLD projects!
    Hope to see you there!