Monday, December 10, 2012

Let's Talk about Eczema

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In the cold dry months, most of our skin is a little drier and itchier than normal.  However, 35 million Americans suffer from the chronic skin condition called Eczema.  Eczema sufferers’ skin lacks the ability to properly hold in moisture. This leaves skin dry and unprotected to things like irritants and allergens and more susceptible to uncomfortable dry itchy flare-ups and red inflamed skin.
Common Eczema triggers:
• Irritants like soaps and fragrances
• Wool
• Rough textures
• Cold and dry weather
• Heat and sweating
Besides being uncomfortable, eczema is unsightly and no one wants red itchy patches. Children will typically have eczema on face, area around the eyes, inside of elbows and back of knees. Adults tend to have problems on the neck, elbows and back of knees.
Here are some seasonal eczema tips from Dr. Peter Lio:
Many people suffer from seasonal allergies in the fall, and these can trigger eczema flares. Going back to school can be a stressor which also triggers eczema in some, while the change to drier, cooler weather can also provoke the eczema.
• If seasonal allergies are active, talk to your doctor about keeping them in check with medications such as antihistamines
• If school stress is a trigger, try to meet with teachers early in the year to keep on top of school work and avoid last minute stress
• Focus on a regular skincare routine with regular bathing and moisturizing, as well as using topical medications when needed
Cold and dry weather outside and forced hot air inside can put the skin at high risk for flare ups. The lack of sunlight may result in lower levels of vitamin D which may be related to eczema flare ups in the winter as well.
• Keep the skin warm and protected when outside
• Try a thick, protective moisturizer on the exposed skin to prevent windburn
• Consider talking to your doctor about supplementing vitamin D during the winter months as many people are deficient and this may play a role in eczema
• Consider getting a humidifier for bedrooms to help add moisture to the dry air
• Continue your regular skincare routine with regular bathing and moisturizing, as well as using topical medications when needed

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I hope this will help some of you that suffer from eczema.
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