Monday, December 31, 2012

Can you turn your Christmas tree lights into hearts?

Simple Idea, Awesome Result…

 I know it's a big shocker that most of this blog's pictures were taken with my point and shoot.  My husband bought me a new camera for Christmas. Don't expect the quality of my pictures to improve drastically, I will still be the photographer.

I saw the above on Pinterest and thought it was too cool not to try. (tutorial here)

I started with a heart shape.

nailed it!

Nailed it again!
 Totally works.
 This was the closest I got to getting heart shaped lights.  Maybe I'll try it again, when I've got a little more experience with my camera. I also think, I need a different lens.  The smallest f-stop mine will do is 3.5, and she used  w/ a 1.8 f-stop. 

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  1. I've seen this before too and wanted to try it, but I need a different lens f-stop would be too high.

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