Monday, November 26, 2012

How to Clean Up A Crime Scene

I have a sweet friend Judy.  She is charming and delightful and always gives me a small gift when I visit her.  She is a widow and currently undergoing chemotherapy, but she is always going out of her way to do thoughtful little acts of service for others.  

On Friday morning, her son took her out to do a little Christmas shopping.  While she was gone, two jerks(I can't really think of a word strong enough) broke her front door down and robbed her.  They stole her jewelry (including her wedding rings), a TV, and a quilt.  She feels very blessed that she wasn't home.  

She called the police who came and dusted for prints.  I've seen them do this a lot on TV, but have never thought how to clean it up.  Finger-print powder is black, messy, sticky, and really hard to get rid of.  She tried several things, but nothing worked.  I read a few places online to try scrubbing bubbles.  It was amazing!  All the fingerprints came right off the furniture.  The police spilled some on the carpet, and that was more challenging. It only came out about 95%.  I used a little lemon oil as well and then busted out my rug shampooer. 

Overall, she was pleased with how it looked and even sent me home with chocolate. I just hop they can track down the thugs that did this and get her stuff back-especially her wedding rings.

PS: Scrubbing Bubbles didn't give me anything to write this-just thought I'd pass on a little info that I pray you never need to know.


  1. Oh my that is so awful. I pray that they find the JERKS. Thanks for the tip on the clean up. We had our car broken in to and they also did the fingerprint mess. Not fun to clean up.

  2. That's terrible. I'm glad you were there to help with the clean up. Thanks for the tip!

  3. I hate it that there are people out there who would do that :(

  4. It's crazy that you actually meant a crime scene! I hope I never have to experience this!

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