Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Will Craft for fun.... finale

So one of my personal blogging pet peeves is when a blogger goes on and on with a sob story about why they are giving up a particular part of their blog or giving up blogging all together.  However, I also don't like it when a blog I follow suddenly goes MIA w/out any explanation. Worse is when bloggers leave vague cryptic reasons for their absence.  Here's my best attempt to avoid all three:

1. I feel it is my duty as a hostess to visit and leave a comment on each project linked up, but I have been failing miserably and don't expect myself to do any better in the near future.
2. My life is crazy busy with many wonderful things and a lot of driving my kids around.
3. Blogland has an overabundance of linky parties 
4.  I am not retiring from blogging, just as the hostess of regular linky parties, so please still stop by and visit me.

Most of all:
I have so appreciated each of you for showing up each week and sharing your creativity with me.  I have been inspired by all of you and plan on still visiting all of you on your blogs on a regular basis.

So now let's move on the the Finale of Will craft for...Fun!
The most viewed link from last week:

fabric strip wreath, Halloween, Witch Hat, Crow
Crafty in Crosby made this awesome Halloween wreath.  I love everything about it.

Snickety Things-could this Jessie be any cuter?

The Messy Roost must share my love for birds.  

I'll post my favorites and the most viewed next Tuesday.


  1. Tara - thanks so much for hosting such a great party and we are so honored to have been featured on your very last one! I can certainly understand how much time it takes to host each week. Thanks for all the hard work! Jeanette @ CraftyInCrosby

  2. Hi, Tara! Selfishly, I will miss you! As a MOM though, I totally understand. Thank you for being so encouraging. -Marci

  3. Thanks for hosting 'Will Craft for Fun', Tara. This was one of the first link parties I participated in. Of course I'll still stop by.

  4. Whew! Your title had me worried at first! I'm happy to read that it is only the link party that is going away. While selfishly, I will miss linking up every week, I am glad your blog is sticking around!

  5. Thanks for all your hosting. Good luck with wherever your future leads. Family always comes first.


  6. So sad, but understand! I don't host a linky party for the same reason. I still follow you in google reader, so I won't miss your posts. :)

  7. Thank you for the feature! I'm really going to miss your link party.

  8. Thank you so much for the feature. I am so honored. I will miss your party like crazy, but, I will always be around. Thank you for all of your support and fun. Rhonda