Sunday, November 20, 2011

It's all gravy!

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Are you a gravy aficionado?  Do you prepare Grandma’s secret recipe each Thanksgiving?   Confession:  Even though, I’m almost 40 I cannot ever remember being in charge of the Gravy for Thanksgiving.  GravyMaster is coming to my rescue and providing the recipe for Perfect Gravy Every Time. Thanksgiving is saved!

GravyMaster  can not only be used to enhance the flavors of your holiday meals, but well as everyday meals as well. It is a seasoning and browning sauce that has been around since 1935. Do you remember your mother or grandmother using it or have you ever tried it? Please leave a comment and tell me about it.

GravyMaster is not just for gravies, but can also be used to kick up the flavor or any of your fish, poultry, meat, or vegetable dishes. It is also great for marinades and sauces.  It is also 100% vegan and Kosher and made from natural ingredients. The Gravy Master website has lots of yummy looking recipes that I will be trying. These Pork Chops in Apple Cider look too yummy not to try. Master the meal with all of their recipes.



So if you are in charge of the gravy this year or just in need of some new recipes check it out (and come back and tell me what you thought?)



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  1. Ah man! Too bad I already did my Thanksgiving grocery shopping. Next time I need to make gravy I'll have to try this, I'm definetly not going back to the store....