Thursday, November 17, 2011

Marriage Therapy

Our family is at the crazy hectic stage of life.  I joke that I'm not a "stay-at-home-mom", but more of a "drive-my kids-around-in-the-van-mom".  Somedays my most meaningful communication with my husband is in the form or a text or e-mail. Sad but true. 

My husband has an annual meeting that he must attend and so each year we gratefully leave the kiddos in the hands of grandparents (and sometimes even aunts and uncles) and take off to spend some time together-marriage therapy. 

This year's convention was held in Miami Beach and we stayed at the Surfcomber Hotel.  We arrived there pretty early (10:30 am) and so they of course didn't have a room ready for us yet, but they happily stored all of our luggage.  We went and relaxed by their heated pool (the beach is right behind the palm trees). I felt like an actually trophy wife.  They had lounge chairs and an attendant handing out towels and ice water w/ lemon.  (there is also a bar if you're interested in drinking tropical drinks by the pool) Later, after walking along the boardwalk, we both agreed that our hotel had the nicest "backyard" in Miami Beach.
  (view from my lounge chair-heaven)

While my husband was in meetings, (if wasn't out reading by the pool) I would sit here and blog. (I caught up on my family blog and added over 40 posts). They had super fast wi-fi (made me realize how slow ours is). 

The location was perfect. The hotel backs up directly to the beach and it is only a few blocks from the convention center and Lincoln Street (the shopping  and restaurant district).

Our room had a very comfy pillow top mattress with a down comforter and fluffy down pillows.  I had a great night sleep every night and woke up each morning to a complimentary light breakfast in the lobby. They also have a fitness center if you want to work off your breakfast.

To be balanced, there is some construction going on next door that at times was a little loud, but it didn't really bother us and hopefully it will be complete soon.

Overall, we had a clean, comfortable room and the staff was helpful and friendly and I would have no hesitations recommending it any of you in need of a warm tropical spot for your marriage therapy of your own.

I'll end this post with a funny picture:

Miami Beach loves their dogs.  Everyone seem to have one.  My husband took this pic of one wearing a diaper. Believe it or not, it is only the 2nd silliest dog we saw.  We didn't take a picture of the dachshund wearing jeans, t-shirt, and sunglasses.

Disclaimer: All opinions are 100% mine, but the Surfcomber Hotel did provide me with free Internet access while I was at their hotel.

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