Monday, December 9, 2013

French Toast

I wish I could say that my blogging absence has been due to the fact that I have been off doing something extraordinary, but mostly I have been wasting too much time playing Pet Rescue Saga. I also just got a new computer and it is just such a pain getting everything set up and figuring everything out. Change and technology are not my friends.

Friday, my youngest had to to get a molar pulled.  He was a super brave an co-operative patients. After we got home and the numbness wore off and the emotional stress caught up to him, he completely fell apart. Amid this emotional breakdown, he requested waffles or french toast for dinner.  I thought we'd try and combine to the two and it actually worked!
 I just dipped some bread in the typical egg and milk mixture and put them in the waffle iron.  I pressed down hard so it would make all the little waffle marks.

I topped with some apples that I had cooked with brown sugar, butter and cinnamon and a little whipped cream.

They were so good, we ate them again on Saturday.

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