Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What would your High School Self Think of Your Current Facebook Page?

I just finished reading The Future of Us, by Jay Asher. It is set in 1996.  When 2 friends download an AOL CD onto their computer, they gain access to their 2011 Facebook accounts.  They try and change their actions to manipulate their futures.

I found the book completely fine, but I am fascinated by the idea.  I put myself in the mindset of my teenage self and checked out my FB page.  My teenage self would have thought she scored the jackpot.  My kids are adorable and my husband is really hot.

-I would be surprised how athletic my kids are (I can not do anything requiring the smallest amount of coordination).

-I would be shocked that my husband is in the military-after being raised an Army brat, that's something I swore I'd never do.  

-I would like my future and not want to change it but I hope that if my teenage self saw me at 40, she would could deal better with some of my teenage heart aches and other problems.  

-My life is great, but my FB page is probably paints a rosier picture than reality.  I tend to only posts about triumphs, funny stuff, and the occasional minor annoyance.  I don't post about the more mundane parts of being a mom or the times when someone hurts my feelings. 

Your turn.  Pretend you are  your teenage self and go check out your FB page. 

What would your teenage self think of your FB page?

What would surprise your teenage self the most?

If your teenage self saw her future FB page, would she do anything to change it?

Does your FB page paint an accurate picture of your life?


  1. I am fascinated by this too! Okay, I'll try to answer your questions. I might borrow this for feedback friday!

    I think my teenage self would probably think there was a real lack of me on my own facebook page. It is mostly filled with my kids.

    Maybe it would surprise my teen self that I have 3 boys and I don't work out of the home.

    Maybe she would try to make me more successful in the workplace not realizing that I'm so fullfilled by my family?

    I'm super busy with my kids so my facebook page is pretty neglected, but I would say that there are good pictures and bad pictures of me on there and lots of kids stuff - so I'd say it's pretty accurate but doesn't begin to show the scope of my life. Just little glances when I remember to post.

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