Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What I'm Reading Wednesdays

I've been a little neglectful of the blog lately, and it is pretty much my kids fault.  They are just so much more work in the summer and have been really cutting into my soap opera watching and bon bon eating time.

Here's what I've been reading:

Caleb's Crossing by Geraldine Brooks
So I'm still upset with her for her treatment of Jo's father in March-even though it won a Pulitzer, but I had to read it for book club.
This is billed as the story of a Native American that attends Harvard in the 1700's.  However, it is really more the story of a young girl that grew up with him and struggles with her lack of educational opportunities.  It is beautifully written and painstakingly researched, but it was very serious for my current state of mind.  I also had to read it in 2 days for bookclub, so I had to rush through it and it felt a little like a school assignment.  

Here's some quotes I loved:

"...we see this world, and our place in it through entirely different eyes." Page 39

" Does any woman ever count the grains of her harvest and say: Good enough? Or does one always think of what more one might have laid in, had the labor been harder, the ambition more vast, the choices more sage." page 256

"Ever happiness is a bright ray between shadows, every gaiety bracketed by grief.  THere is no birth tht does not recall death, no victory but brings to mind a defeat." 283

  • “She was like a butterfly, full of color and vibrancy when she chose to open her wings, yet hardly visible when she closed them.”

Probably 5 stars, but I only got about 3 stars of enjoyment out of it.  

Age of Miracles by Karen Thomas Walker
The earth's rotation slows and the days grow longer and longer.  This wreaks havoc on the planet.
My friend Kammy's review is way better.
I liked the book (not as much as Kammy), but I was really unsatisfied with the ending.
3.5 stars

The Elite by Kiera Cass
After many wars, America re-emerges with a caste society.  Women are chosen from all over the country to go and live in palace and try and win the affections of the Crown Prince to become his bride (kinda like The Bachelor).  The palace is under constant threat of rebel attacks that want to get rid of the caste system. 

This is the second in the series and a perfect summer read.  
It's clean and fun, although I am tiring of the love triangle.
4 stars

Katherine by Anya Seton
This is my friend LeAnne's favorite books and it has been on my list for years.  It is the true love story of Katherine Swynford and the Duke of Lancaster.  Her brother-in-law was Geoffrey Chaucer and they are the ancestors of most of British royalty.
4 stars

So what have you been reading?


  1. I just finished a fabulous true story, Shooting the Boh Here is my review:

    Now starting Trains and Lovers by Alexander McCall-Smith

    Caleb's Crossing sounds very interesting!

  2. I also liked Age of Miracles, not a huge raving amount, but it was a good read. I'm still reading Major Pettigrew, I'm having trouble squeezing in time to read this week!

  3. I did finish Trains and Lovers by Alexander McCall-Smith. It was a bit difficult to get into at first, which is unusual for this author. It was well worth it at the end, I was very sorry to see it end. His books are very light reading and great for summer. I haven't picked up a new book yet but did look while at the thrift store today.

  4. Age of Miracles and The Elite sound really interesting. I feel you on the love triangles, they can be fun to start with but when they drag on until the last page of the book you kinda just want to jump in the book and tell the characters to hurry up and choose already!

  5. I'm getting soooo lazy on my blog, and I keep forgetting you are not on Goodreads. But I've read two books I really liked: The Hundred year old Man who climbed out the window and disappeared, and The Night Circus. Both were good. I think I liked The Night Circus better until the lame-ish ending chapters.

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