Monday, May 27, 2013

I only spent $1.25 for a goodbye gift for 22 kids!

 A few years ago a mom made end of the year wish bracelets for my son's class (here).  I loved the idea so much, that I stole the idea.  I raided by scrap pile and found some twine, so I only had to buy the star buttons. Since I had a coupon, I bought 25 star buttons for $1.25.  That makes them a grad total of 5 cents a piece!
You could even go all out and make them super fancy, if you don't have a million end-of-the school things to do. Since my life is crazy, I went with printing the saying out on my computer and gluing them to random scraps of card stock.


  1. TARA!! Now I have to do this. So cute, and I know I am not busier than you, so I must have time to whip these out. ADORABLE!!

  2. This is a great idea (even if you "stole" it, haha!). I love this and will have to steal it sometime as well :)

  3. Great idea and much more personal. Thanks for sharing.

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