Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Catch Me if You Can-What I'm Reading Wednesdays

I remember seeing the movie "Catch Me If you Can" a few years ago and was excited to read the Frank Abagnale's biography for my bookclub.  

In case, you missed the movie, Frank Abagnale was a teenage con artist that wrote about 2.5 millions of dollars worth of bad checks in the 1960's.  He also posed as a Pan Am pilot in order to score free trips around the world.  He may have also posed as a lawyer, doctor and professor.

Overall it was an interesting read, but I had a few problems with the book:

1. Frank Abagnale is pretty much a liar, womanizer,  thief  and complete dirt bag.  The book is pretty much just about him, and I didn't like him very much.  Supposedly he's now reformed, but he does sell this book on his website, so he is still profiting from his crimes.

2. Many of his schemes were fairly repetitive and I found myself skimming.

3. Many of the claims in the book are gross exaggerations or even lies. This bothers me because it is supposed to be a work of non-fiction. His disclaimer:
"I was interviewed by the co-writer only about four times. I believe he did a great job of telling the story, but he also over-dramatized and exaggerated some of the story. That was his style and what the editor wanted. He always reminded me that he was just telling a story and not writing my biography."

4. It ends shortly before he was caught, which is a horrible way to end the story.

It was a great choice for bookclub and our host did a great job researching and doing "truth checks" for us.  If you are looking for a book that will spur on a great discussion, this will be perfect for you.

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