Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Retro-Mint and Polka-dot Blouse

  Mint is all the rage this spring.  I was originally going to make the entire blouse out of mint, but then I thought it needed some contrast.
The color looks a little retro to me and so I dug around in the fabric stash to find this polka-dot (left-over from my laundry room curtains).  

She loves it! She thinks it's adorable and loves that no one else at school will show up w/ the same shirt.

 I like that only cost me about $3 for the fabric and a few hours of my time.
FYI- It's Simplicity 1693-view D.


  1. That's so dang cute! You have some serious skills!

  2. Looks great! I love recycling old fabrics. I'd love for you to check out our Pattern Party! Those with free patterns and templates to share are invited to link up.

  3. Ok, she is simply the luckiest girl!!

  4. So cute! Would love for you to link up to my party this week. http://www.bloominghomestead.com/2013/03/crafty-tuesday-3513.html

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