Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Will Craft for fun #49

Thank-you for all your sweet comments.  We have had a wonderful week celebrating my husband's grandmother's life and enjoying time with family. My kids have had so much fun w/ their cousins, they begged to stay (it may also have something w/ their lack of interest in driving through the desert for 2 days).

Enough about me.  On to the party!

Last week's most viewed link was Messy Roost's ribbon organizer.
Now it's your turn:


  1. Yeah, that always freaks me out. I love to party with you, you are the best. Thanks so much, Rhonda

  2. Another great party! Thank you very much for hosting! -Marci

  3. Glad you had some time to celebrate your hubby's grandma and get in some good family time. thanks so much for the party

    rae gun ramblings

  4. Family time, cousin time is the best. I am sure Grandma was smiling down as everyone was together.
    Thanks for hosting and making blogging fun!
    Make it a great week.
    What Meegan Makes