Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ombre Sweetheart Apron Tutorial

I signed up to be part of the Crafterbowl Competition@ Pinkapotamus. I was assigned a V-day project made with the secret ingredient of tulle.

In a perfect world, this is what I'd look like each day, as my family returns home.   I wouldn't own things like "good sweat pants" and I wouldn't have ruined all my make-up brushes on a stenciling project. There would  always be fresh baked cookies cooling on the counter and a well-balance meal cooking in the oven.

This ombre tulle apron with a sweetheart neckline turned out really fun.  Wearing it makes me want to bake dozens of light and fluffy cupcakes.

Thanks Amie for hosting a fun competition!
Please continue reading to see how to make one of your own or click Here to vote for me. (voting over I didn't win)

Step 1: Cut a rectangle 22x18.
 Step 2:  Cut strips of tulle 10 inches wide.  Fold them in half and run a gathering stitch along the edge.  Gather to 18 inches.
 Step 3: Fold top edge over 1/4 inch.  Press.
 Step 4: Fold down 2 inches. Press.
 Step 4:  Pin top ruffle to apron. Fold fabric over ruffles and top stitch.

Step 5:  To make the top of the apron, fold 2 (15X 12.5) pieces of fabric in half. Trace a large circle on top of fabric and cut out to make heart shape.

 Step 6: With right sides together, sew apron tops together.
Step 7:  Clip along the curves all the way to stitching line. Turn. Press. Top-stitch.

Step8:  Sew top to bottom along waist.  Attach ribbons at top at waist to tie. Try it on and admire yourself in the mirror.

My daughter, Mom and Aunt Barb thought it was "adorable".  However, my 11-year-old son went into shock for seeing me in something besides brown or black and fell off the couch laughing.

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  1. It's cute. But even if it wasn't...the reaction from your son would be worth it!! You should wear tutus more often. Maybe to school?

  2. Hmmm... I'm wondering how many spills the tulle will absorb... LOL!!! Did you bake those dozens of light, fluffy cakes? Now an apron is something you will never see me post at one of your link parties. I don't cook!!! You've got my vote...

  3. That's super cute. Love the tulle. Thanks for sharing at DIYbyDesign.

  4. Oh my gosh that's so fun! I love ruffles & I love pink! I never get to use it in my house (hubby wouldn't be happy) so using it in other stuff is great! Great job!

  5. It does look like a big girl tutu. So fun. http://imsovintage.blogspot.com/

  6. I wore it last night, and it did make cooking (not my favorite) much more fun. Maybe if I had more pretty aprons, I'd enjoy cooking more.

  7. Your apron is so sweet. I, too, wish I looked like that each day, with a plate of warm cookies, a perfectly clean house, and of course, some amazing craft projects started and completed.

  8. I love this apron! It (almost) makes me want to cook!

  9. So cute! ...and I have always loved that dress you have on! You look fabulous :)

  10. Love it! I think it's so fun to have a great apron when cooking and baking!

  11. I love all the cute ruffles. So pretty!

    I am hosting a Sunday Blog Hop on Blissful and Domestic and would love for you to link up:>


  12. Wow! It's very nice. Will also look cute as a skirt.

  13. Hi Tara, I've featured your Sweetheart Apron today...

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