Monday, July 25, 2011

Thoughts on Deathly Hallows

Can you turn the finale of one of the most beloved book series in the world into a movie that makes everyone happy? Nope. 
That being said here's my review (spoiler alert-stop reading if  you haven't seen it)

-I really love the cast.  Huge kudos to the casting department. I even liked the next generation in the final scene.
-I love the scene when Hermione takes the polyjuice to turn into Bellatrix-brilliant and my favorite part of the entire movie.
-I love how they handled Snape's death scene and his back story.
-I love, love, love that they hinted at a romance between Luna and Nevillle b/c didn't we always want those two together?

Disappointments-but in all fairness books are just always better
-I love when Neville kills the snake in the book and don't understand why they drew it out so much in the movie. In the book it's a great dramatic moment for Neville to really stand up as a hero while everyone watches, in the movie it was drawn out and frustrating and only Ron and Hermione saw him do it.   I lost count how many characters kept dropping stuff trying to kill it, but it was silly. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

-My favorite all time scene in the book is when Voldemort asks them to turn over Harry, and students and staff form a human shield. (it makes me cry) The movie also shows this, but on a lesser scale and it just didn't have the same emotional impact of the book ( I was completely tear free).

-I love when Mrs. Weasly takes on Bellatrix.  Through all 7 books she uses her magic only for household tasks (she's the trophy wife of the wizarding world) and it was great to see her kick a little witch booty.  In the movie, she just didn't seem as strong or as in command  as I imagined in my head.

-In the movie, it was basically Hogwarts against Voldemort, but in the book lots more creatures/ wizards show up to fight. I'll forgive them this, b/c you can't include everything.

-The end scene in the book is warm and funny.  The ending scene in the movie is a little cheesy.  All the characters have melancholy looks and it's just not fun.  I missed the characters bantering back and forth and the jokes about Ron getting his driver's license or disowning any kids that get sorted into Slytherine.

-My biggest frustration was that I thought the movie changed the entire point of the book: love is stronger than any magic.  In  the movie, Harry wins b/c he had the right wand.  In the book, when Harry sacrifices his life for his friends, he shields them from any of the Death Eater's curses and that's why they win. Why would they leave that part out?

So what are your thoughts? Loved it, hated it or are we all just sad it's over?

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  1. I loved it!
    I did have some complaints, there are just certain things that I think are done better in the book and I don't understand why they had to change them, but overall I thought they did a pretty good job...and, I'm a little sad it's over.